Add Your Spreadsheet Fields

Common Fields/Macros

Below are common fields that our customers add to their Google Sheet.
    Domain - Domain used for the landing page
    Page Path - The page path used for the landing page
    Business Name
    Location Name
    Address Information (Street, City, State, Country, Postal Code)
    Phone Numbers
    Service Areas
    Email Addresses

Other Special Fields/Macros

Below are some additional field types that have special uses.
    GTM ID - Google Tag Manager ID
    Hours of Operation - Structured open and closing times for each day in the week
    URL fields - CTAs and outgoing links
    Color Fields - Hex color values (i.e. #ff00aa)
    Image URL fields - Field is a URL, that gets auto-uploaded to our systems
    Partner IDs - These are the customer's internal IDs associated with the pages so they can keep track of billing, active campaigns, etc (partner_business_id, partner_location_id, partner_site_id)
Last modified 3yr ago