The most basic way to use the data from your Sheet is through macros. Think of these as "short codes" to use the data from your sheet in your template content

Macros can be used anywhere throughout the Template (content, modules, title tags, meta tags)

There are a pre-defined list of macros and macros are automatically created for any Custom Fields that you add to your spreadsheet.

Built-in Macros

Business Macros


Business Name

Location Macros


Location Name





State Code (i.e. WA)


Verbose State Name (i.e. Washington)



Country Code (i.e. US)


Verbose Country Name (i.e. United States)


Custom Fields

Custom field macros are prefixed with "custom_", lowercased, and spaces are turned into underscores.

  • "Headline" => "${custom_headline}"

  • "Subheadline" => "${custom_subheadline}"

  • "Main Content" => "${custom_main_content}"

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